Tarragon Crusted Cajun Chicken

The truth is I don’t know what I’m doing.

I just mix and toss and blend in ingredients I think would go well together and for 10 years it has been working quite well. I haven’t killed anyone with my cooking so I guess the put-and-taste™ could actually do the trick.

Here let me tell you a story before I proceed with the recipe…

I was at the grocery that day, trying to shop for ingredients I could play with that very boring and energy-draining (yeah, because I don’t have anything to do!) day. Since my mom is on a, let’s put it to, strict diet, she told me not to cook anything fried, salty, or fattening, so I thought okay I’ll do a roast.

Apparently, just when I was about to pay (I gave them my card and punched in my PIN), I have ZERO BALANCE on my account. ZERO. Good heaven’s how am I supposed to pay for these! It was the best day of my life because it was the time when I didn’t bring cash as I was pretty confident I have money on my debit card.

Hallelujah. It appears that I don’t.

I walked away slowly, cringing in embarrassment. Anyway, in the end I was able to pay for the groceries and went on to make this dish.

I guess I have been watching too much cooking shows, namely—Celebrity Chefs, Everyday Exotic, Nigella’s Kitchen, Junior Master Chef Australia (yes I like junior because they’re kids! Who’s not amazed with cooking kids?!), Top Chef, and a hell lot more—and this dish is inspired by, you guessed it, Junior Master Chef Australia.

I guess it was the Perfect Roast episode? Anyway, I hope you could make a better version of my first ever chicken roast. Bon appétit!

Difficulty: Easy
Preparation Time: at least 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 60 – 90 minutes


3 pieces Chicken Breast Fillet
McCormick Cajun Chicken Marinade (or you could make your own)
½ cup Oat grains
Dried whole Tarragon


1. Marinade chicken breast fillets with McCormick Cajun marinade for at least 30 minutes (for stronger flavors, over night is advisable) then refrigerate.

2. After 30 minutes, coat fillet with oatmeal grains. Grind the tarragon leaves on your palm to release the flavor and aroma before putting it on top of your fillet.

3. Once your chicken is ready, preheat roaster (I am using an AMC cookware. Click here to know more about AMC) until C or until the pan is very hot.

4. Set the fire to low then put the flat side of the fillet onto the roaster then cover. Wait until the dial points to C then turn the fire off. Wait for 15 minutes then serve.

Best with steamed potato marbles with oregano infused butter.

I recommend that you make a sauce for this dish because basing on my fiasco of a dinner, my chicken was “hard to swallow” (quote from my mom, she’s fond of criticizing me). Maybe a good old fashion Tomato Gravy would do.

We all learn from mistakes, right? (cliché alert!) So now I read cookbooks and not watch shows, heh, I guess I do have a lot of things to learn first before making more invented recipes! I really hope you could try this one though, and please comment me your suggestions!

Tarragon Crusted Cajun Chicken


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